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Dave Auckland

David Auckland works with individuals and groups in companies to create and develop ideas for new products, services and internal business processes. His approach follows a proven, cost effective procedure, in which developments take place incrementally minimising the impact any changes have on budgets and processes. The active involvement of staff and management throughout the process ensures that proposals meet company strategic, operational and financial goals.

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Picture of Reuben Ash

Reuben Ash

Management Consultant specializing in sales and marketing strategies for SMEs in the North West. I work closely with the Manufacturing Advisory Service which offers funding for qualifying projects within the manufacturing and engineering sector. I work exclusively with companies who are looking to grow by increasing their turnover, reducing their cost base, and incorporating innovation within their growth strategy.

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Picture of Ray Breckon

Ray Breckon

Ray has over 20 years experience in enabling IT to underpin business goals, resolving delivery issues and creating growth. With a long track record of senior positions in Tier 1 IT suppliers ranging from Service Delivery through Architecture to Sales he is well positioned to bring a wealth of experience to the project. Numerous non exec and interim positions have allowed him to bridge the gap between large corporations, middle market and startups.

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Picture of Gary Dodson

Gary Dodson

Gary is a senior IT professional specialising in consultancy projects/services in three strategic IT areas. Firstly, IT Strategy consultancy advising on Cloud, Private Cloud & On premise solutions. Secondly, design of IT Infrastructures for new build projects in particular those intended for Multi-tenant occupation. Thirdly, mergers & acquisition IT integration and the development of a new IT strategy & resource plan. Gary has a rounded background of corporate IT management at ICL/Fujitsu, start-up & growth experience with Greenlight Computers and corporate governance through 7 years of non-exec/chairman board posts. This breadth of experience allows Gary to quickly understand the business goals of an organisation & identify the areas of strategic IT development that can enable the business to progress.

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Picture of Clare O’Neill

Clare O’Neill

Clare helps organisations transform themselves into more innovative places, improving their in-house skills and processes for effective problem-solving and developing new products or services. The end goal is a lasting effect on business performance, adaptability and competitiveness. Clare’s work ranges from developing a uniquely tailored Innovation Strategy that supports the company’s specific business objectives, to advising on workplace culture and processes for boosting innovation performance, and providing tools and techniques for successful problem-solving.

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