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Dave Auckland


Professor David Auckland began his career as an engineer operating and designing power plant for the oil and electrical energy industries. He later moved to the University of Manchester to set up an energy systems research laboratory. Beyond fundamental research, the laboratory generated a significant amount of novel intellectual property, some based on the results of the research. Professor Auckland implemented the successful transfer of this into the market through licence agreements and by forming companies specifically to develop products and markets for particular ideas. Two examples are IPEC in the field of system security and Information Prophets in the field of energy management.

Professor Auckland went on to established the Manchester Science Enterprise Centre and a business incubator where students learn and practice the skills of knowledge transfer and business creation. The business incubator was, during his time as its chief executive, responsible for the creation of over 100 companies some funded by a seedcorn venture capital fund of which he was a director.

In 2002 David Auckland left the University of Manchester to set up Innovation Lab, a company committed to helping people and companies have and develop new ideas. The Company is involved in large and small economic regeneration projects, in the design and delivery of training programmes and in consultancy, each with an underlying theme of innovation and wealth creation.

Professor Auckland has served on the committees of numerous national bodies including EPSRC, NESTA and the IET. He was a founder member of UKBI, the organisation representing the nation’s business incubators.

Recent projects/assignments

Technology transfer

Assisting a small high tech company transfer to market a new method of plugging undersea oil wells. The work is sponsored by four international oil and gas majors.

Electronic control and systems engineering

Supporting a local SME expand its presence in the food technology market through the introduction of new quality control instrumentation and control systems.

Business creation and growth

Assisting a group of engineers establish and grow a business in the field of embossing and printing.

Education and training

Business trainer and coach serving the Tameside Centre for Enterprise.

Energy systems

Provided commercial and technical support to a local SME interested in the generation of electrical energy from biodegradable waste.

Past Positions