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Gary Dodson


Gary Dodson began his career in 1985 at ICL’s Computer Manufacturing Division designing & procuring computer assemblies. Over the next decade a series of progressions, both technical & management, culminated in a key project role for the UK National Lottery. As ICL Project Director, Gary led a team of 200+ staff across 5 factories in the manufacture of 24,000 lottery terminals for deployment into UK outlets.

In 1996 Gary transferred to Fujitsu as General Manager of UK Technical Services, managing UK IT Infrastructure design, build & maintenance teams. The team supported major corporate clients with a combined 1.2million users. Following several successful years in technical services he moved into Europe as Director of Operations in Fujitsu France SA overseeing a return to profitability for an underperforming subsidiary. On returning to the UK in 2002 he took the combined role of Education & Public Sector Director servicing Local Government & Education.

In 2006 Gary Dodson & John Sewell established Greenlight Computers Ltd, a company committed to helping companies design, build & operate the best IT infrastructure solutions for their needs. The Company has an established client base of over 200 Enterprise & SME’s in the UK, concentrated in the North West & South East.

In addition to managing Greenlight Computers, Gary specialises in Strategic IT Consultancy & Mentoring with a particular interest in multi-tenant building design & merger integration.

Recent projects/assignments

New build design & tender

Working client side as IT design consultant for Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst business incubator. Building 1 is a 4750sqm multi-tenant mixed use Lab & Office bio-incubator. Building 2 is 4100sqm Accelerator building for larger tenant growth. Gary has designed & procured the full IT & telephony infrastructure for both buildings including: data cabling, networking, broadband, IT, telephony & digital conferencing.

IT Managed Service & redevelopment

Support partner for a major University Incubation Company, the Greenlight team manage the network across 4 sites. The primary site was recently redesigned & is due for a complete network overhaul in Q2 2013 with Big Data throughput architecture. Challenges are continuous for example designing a solution to multiple wireless network contention involved both technical knowledge & negotiation skill.

Major conference venue

After an initial 3 month consultancy exercise to assess the IT Infrastructure & IT team at Manchester’s premier conference venue Gary has been retained as part time IT Advisor & Mentor to the team. The venue sees technology as its primary differentiator over the next few years and is pushing the boundaries of what technology can deliver to organisers, exhibitors & guests. Validating design ideas & identifying new technology solutions are essential deliverables of the role.

Past Positions